Technical SEO Services

Would you like to eliminate the negative effects of technical SEO issues hampering your possibility to rank on Google?

With my technical SEO services, you can get a comprehensive action plan on how to help Google bots do their job more effectively, which will result in higher rankings and more leads!

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is an SEO process of detecting issues with your website crawlability and indexability so that your content can be shown in the search engines. The goal of technical SEO is to remove any obstacles and site errors that prevent your site from being crawled, indexed and properly ranked. It also includes a set of activities and optimization techniques that help Google understand what your site is about.

Websites that disregard their technical SEO practices can suffer from poor rankings, poor user experience, unresponsive websites, broken pages, confusing website structure and slow website page speed. That all adds up to the impossibility to connect to your ideal audience on Google and low conversion rates.

What is a technical SEO audit?

Technical SEO audit is the process of revising and checking technical SEO practices and errors on a website, usually by a predefined and comprehensive audit spreadsheet. The goal of a technical SEO audit is to create an in-depth list of all technical SEO errors, with prioritization and guidance on how to resolve them to have a technically sound website.

The outcome of the technical SEO audit would be a complete list of technical SEO errors and a proposed set of SEO activities and priorities to resolve those issues. Usually, SEO consultants work with clients on auditing and later on implementation of proposed solutions.

Most common technical SEO issues

The technology of building websites constantly evolves, and therefore, technical SEO issues can have many forms. Here are some common technical SEO issues websites face:

Low page speed

Mobile unresponsive websites

Broken pages with 404 status codes

Sitemap and robots.txt issues

Bad site architecture

Improper internal linking

Keyword cannibalization

JavaScript code that causes rendering issues

Duplicate pages

Crawl budget issues

Uncompressed page resources and unoptimised images

Insufficient or improper use of schema markup

Why is technical SEO important?

For Google to be able to rank your website, there are a few steps that need to be successfully completed. Before rankings, a URL needs to be:

  • Crawled
  • Rendered
  • Indexed

In each of these stages, problems might occur. For example, Google might not be able to crawl the pages, and therefore, indexations and rankings are impossible. Also, if Google can crawl the page, but the resources are blocked, Google bots won’t understand the essence of your page. And finally, for a page to be indexed, it needs to fulfil some quality standards, but before that, a page needs to be successfully crawled, and rendered.

Technical SEO practice helps Google bots fetch the page and understand what they are about. Therefore, we can say that technical SEO is a building block of indexing and ranking.

The consequences of neglecting your technical SEO errors

Your website is missing out on opportunities to rank higher, connect with your target audience on Google and make conversions. In more severe cases, your site might even be unavailable on search engines. No matter if you have great content, if Google bots cannot access it, all your content effort gets unnoticed. That’s when I come with my technical SEO services.

My technical SEO services

Since I’ve been in the industry for more than 5 years and worked on both small websites with less than 100 URLs to huge enterprise websites with more than 100,000 URLs, I know what technical issues websites face. The tech SEO issues can be neglected for a long time, but sometimes, the problem is easy to detect and fix by an SEO consultant.

Technical SEO audits

Auditing your website based on a comprehensive, all-inclusive audit template to help you detect your most urgent technical SEO issues, and define a plan for prioritization and fixing.

Page speed and Core Web Vitals optimization

Detecting the main causes of your low page speed, giving advice on how to resolve it, assisting in solution implementation and if needed, coordinating with your other team members.

Schema use audit

The use of schema markup is a great way to provide Google bots with additional information about your business. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out. I provide advice on what type of schema is most suitable for your business and how to implement it.

Managing crawling budget and resolving top GSC errors

I help detect the issues with your crawl budget and help optimize crawling your important pages. I also help detect, prioritize and implement the most urgent fixes on GSC, so that your website can perform smoothly.

Website architecture and internal linking audit

Website architecture and internal links are an important signal to Google on how pages are topically related, and which pages are the most important on the website. With a proper internal linking strategy, you can rank higher.

Google Penalty analysis and recovery

 If your traffic dropped suddenly, your website might be hit by the latest Google updates. Updated with the latest Google core updates, I help detect your traffic drops and give advice on how to regain traffic.

My technical SEO audit checklist

Initial setups

  • Checking if Google Analytics 4 is installed
  • Checking if Google Search Console is set
  • Checking Google Search Console errors
  • Checking a sitemap, is it submitted to Google Search Console and does it exclude broken and noindex pages
  • Are there any errors with robots.txt file
  • Is a site secure (does it have a SSL certificate)
  • Are redirects in place (From HTTP to HTTPS and from WWW to non-WWW or vice versa)

Mobile Audit Checks

  • Detecting mobile responsiveness, navigation and UX issues
  • Checking internal links, buttons and JS issues
  • Parity checks on content, navigation, and directives on mobile and desktop
  • Mobile Search Console Errors
  • AMP checks
  • Image use and optimization checks

Design, UX and Navigation Checks

  • Are fonts large enough and easy to read?
  • Are links easily noticeable?
  • Is the font colour appropriate?
  • Are buttons clickable?
  • Are there breadcrumbs?
  • Is navigation easy?
  • Are all pages from the menu accessible?
  • Is there a Contact Us page?
  • Is there a Privacy Policy page?

Structured Markup Checkups

  • Is schema markup used on the website?
  • What format of schema markup is used
  • Is schema markup correct and passes Google Rich Results Test
  • Does a website use a proper type of schema markup for its business?

Internal links and web architecture checks

  • Does the website have a proper internal link strategy
  • What is the architecture of the website
  • Is there a silo structure
  • Are there orphan pages
  • Are category pages used
  • Are there broken internal links
  • Are there some important pages with a click depth of more than 4

Common technical errors check

  • Pagination checks
  • Redirections checks
  • Broken pages checks
  • Canonicalization checks
  • Duplicate pages check
  • Are URLs well optimized
  • Keyword cannibalization checks
  • Are images optimized and compressed
  • International SEO checks

Site health checks

  • Are there hacked pages?
  • Are there backups?
  • Is the site updated?
  • Are there suspicious plugins?
  • Is there a CDN?

Page speed and Core Web Vitals Checks

  • Is page speed slow?
  • Are Core Web Vitals passed?
  • Are there issues with uncompressed CSS and JS
  • Are there other issues regarding the page speed (sliders, large images, poor hosting)

The benefits of using the technical SEO services

Technical SEO is a backbone of SEO and a precondition to successful indexing and ranking. If a site is not set up properly from the technical point of view, content and backlink efforts might go unnoticed, since Google cannot detect and praise your SEO efforts. Here are the main benefits of using technical SEO services:

Better crawling and indexing rate

Better user experience and clients satisfaction

Increased visibility in the SERP

Helping Google identify changes quickly on your most important pages

Getting relevant website traffic focused on conversions

Increased page speed and reduction in users’ frustration

What is my working process?

Here is my working process, which I try to simplify as much as possible, to make it short and sweet:

If you believe you could benefit from the comprehensive technical SEO audit services, you can contact me via the contact form on the “Contact” page.

After I receive your inquiry, we make arrangements about deadlines, payment and deliverables

You get your audit on time, in an easily digestible format (I know not all people are SEO experts), with an action plan of what needs to be done and how to prioritize things.

I can assist in implementation if needed, and the assistance is charged on an hourly basis.

Tools I use

I use a combination of top industry tools for your convenience and insightful analysis:

Screaming Frog

Ahrefs or SEMRush

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Google Mobile Friendliness Test

Rich Results Test

Page Speed Insights

Chrome developer tools tools

Chrome extensions such as Tag Assistant, SEO Meta in 1 Click, Link Redirect Trace, User Agent Switcher for Chrome

My Experience

Sonja Marinkovic compressed
Sonja Marinkovic, owner of Digital Search Hero

More than 5 years of relevant industry experience

Served clients in different industries: tech, SaaS, creative, consulting, gaming, non-profit, education and local businesses

Work on small business and enterprise websites

Resolved complex tech issues and increased organic performances up to 1000%


How much do technical SEO services cost?

It depends on the scope of work, but they can start with as low as $500, if the services are performed for small to medium sites with less than 50 URLs with few technical errors. For bigger sites, the projects tend to be much bigger, and the technical SEO services can easily exceed $1,000.

Do you offer white-label tech SEO services?

Yes, there is an option to work with me that way. I also offer white-label technical SEO services to agencies and companies at a negotiable rate.

How do you report on results?

I’m aware technical SEO is very complex, and business owners don’t have to know all the nitty-gritty details, as it can be overwhelming. Therefore, I put all my work in an easily digestible format, usually in the form of Google Docs and Google Slides presentations, with an emphasis on top issues and why is it important to fix them.

What do technical SEO services not include?

Technical SEO services don’t include content SEO, backlink building, and copywriting, as those services are not technical by a nature. Also, web design is excluded from technical SEO services, since it’s a focus for developers. However, developers and SEO specialists should work together to create a technically optimized website.

How can JS negatively impact rankings?

Some websites are heavy and filled with different functionalities enabled by JavaScript like accordions, dynamic and drop-down menus, image carousels, and adding audio, videos, and animations. In general, Java scrip can make pages code-heavy, which means it would take longer to load and reduce page speed. Also, in some cases, Google will have issues in detecting the content in JavaScript codes, since JavaScript resources cannot be loaded in all cases. If internal links are injected into JavaScript, Google might miss it.

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