DIY SEO training for businesses

Would it be nice if you and your team have a personalized DIY SEO training to guide on your SEO learning journey?

And if someone laid the foundations for you to learn the basics of SEO for your business?

The end result would be that you or your team members learn SEO so that you could implement it yourself without hiring an SEO consultant.

I can help you on that journey as an SEO coach. With me, you can acquire the necessary SEO skills you can apply today to help your business grow. I promise you, SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating and complex.

Why would you need SEO coaching?

Nowadays, it’s not a question of whether you’ll do SEO, but how to do it properly. Without SEO, your business is missing out. With this personalized SEO course, you get the opportunity to get actionable SEO knowledge that you can implement instantly, without relying on of external SEO partners. If you recognize yourself in the following, my DIY SEO coaching program is for you:

You are aware that SEO has tremendous potential for business growth, and you want to utilize it without hiring an SEO consultant

You’re ready to tackle the basics of SEO and learn how to use it properly for your business

You don’t want to rely on others and their monthly retainers

You’re a copywriter, or marketer who needs SEO skills to excel at your job

You’re small to medium business owner who is ready to embark the SEO learning journey

Hiring an SEO consultant might not a priority to you, but yet you’re aware of huge potentials that SEO can bring to your business. What you can do in this situation is to book 1 on 1 or group SEO training, so you can think like a real SEO professional. Get all the SEO knowledge you require, so you can manage SEO for your company confidently and professionally with my customized DIY SEO course.

How does business SEO training look like?

Usually, each training process starts with goals. Before the actual training starts, I would like to see what are your specific goals, and why you want to learn SEO in a personalized training.

Personalized 1 on 1 or group trainings are a great way to quickly dip your toes into SEO, with actionable steps you can follow and implement in your business.

The starting point would be our initial discovery call so that I can understand what you want to get as a value from this process.

Depending on your goals, type of the company, size, and industry, I can create customized training classes, topics, and workshops online for you and your team, so you can utilize SEO the best possible way.

Types of SEO training

Individual (1 on 1) training

Ideal for small business owners and SEO enthusiasts

We cover only those SEO topics you’re going to need in your business to confidently do SEO yourself

The course is practical and customized

You get all the material after the training

SEO workshops for teams

Ideal for small to medium teams

Workshops are intended to be practical and interactive

Topics are tailored to your business needs

You get all the material after the training

What are the benefits of a DIY SEO course for businesses?

I would like to point out a few benefits that SEO training can have for your business:

You receive SEO knowledge that stays in your company, and you can use it anytime

You don’t have to rely on SEO consultants and outsource your entire SEO process

You and your team members have full ownership of the SEO strategy

It’s cost-effective: instead of paying someone to do monthly SEO retainers, someone in your team can do it too

You get only the SEO knowledge that you need and which you can implement in your business

How does it work?

According to your needs and your available time, we make an agreement regarding the dynamics of SEO classes and workshops we’re going to cover. I will prepare a customized learning plan for you according to what you want to achieve, and after the classes, you’ll get a presentation and also some additional learning material. The classes include practical parts as well, to help you better understand the SEO concepts.

Individual and group classes are both available. 1 on 1 SEO training is a great option for SEO enthusiasts and small business owners, while team workshops are ideal for businesses and teams.

The SEO coaching looks like this

The duration and dynamic of classes is totally customized to you

The classes are interactive with theoretical and practical parts

After classes, you get presentations and additional learning material

Group and individual classes are available

Once we cover all the topics you were interested in, I hand you all the material, and we wrap it up.

SEO Classes—training fields

SEO Basics

How does SEO work

Basics of SEO for small & medium businesses

SEO setups for different CMS

Google Business Profile & local search

SEO ranking factors

Latest Google updated and best practices

How to practice monthly SEO checks

How to create SEO monthly reports and understand SEO metrics

Content SEO & Strategy

How does on-page SEO work

Most important on-page SEO ranking factors

How to do a proper keyword research

What is content strategy and how to create one

How to target customers at different stages of buying journey with your content strategy?

How to optimize your content for conversion and user experience

E-A-T concept and how to use it to rank the site and generate leads

Technical SEO

What is technical SEO and why it’s important

How Google crawls and indexes your pages

How to check if your page is mobile friendly

What is schema markup and how to implement it (with real examples)

Most common technical errors on websites and how to prevent them

How to perform monthly SEO technical audits

Training prices

Since the training are customized according to your business needs, prices can also vary to a great extent. However, most basic packages start at $500 with 5 individual or group hourly sessions. What’s included in the price:

  • The training itself
  • training materials
  • practical exercises
  • Wrapping up, feedback, and support

What can you get from this training?

At the end of our SEO course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to optimize your website for search engines effectively, in a way that creates results and leads for your business. The SEO course has 3 goals in mind:

  • to teach you general principles of SEO and ranking,
  • to teach you how to develop and implement the effective SEO and content strategy that will work for your business,
  • to teach you how to eliminate the potential technical errors on your site that can hinder your SEO progress.

About the instructor

“I promise you, SEO doesn’t have to be complex and incomprehensible. My goal is to make SEO available, apprehensible, and even fun.”

Sonja Marinkovic compressed

I’m Sonja Marinkovic, an SEO consultant, owner of Digital Search Hero and your SEO instructor on this course. With more than 5 years of professional SEO experience, I know exactly what SEO knowledge business owners need to possess to be able to successfully manage their SEO activities and gain organic results.


How does this training last?

The training is customized and therefore, there are no clear timeframes. However, the minimum timeframe of my SEO training is 5 meetings that can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The duration of one meeting is one hour.

What is the format of the training?

The trainings are organized as individual or group online meetings. I can host meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other platform that you or your team find suitable. After the live training, I send you the notes and materials for studying.

Is the training suitable for large companies?

If your employees are willing to learn SEO and you, as a business manager, prefer to let your employees learn SEO instead of hiring an outside SEO consultant, then this could work.

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