SEO Partnership for Web Developers, Copywriters and Marketers

Are you a web developer who creates amazing websites for your clients, but not sure how to increase its visibility on Google?

Or, maybe you’re a copywriter who produces flawless copy for their clients, but you’re not sure how to get your content found on Google?

Or, perhaps you’re a digital marketer who’d like to partner with an SEO specialist to offer your clients a more comprehensive package?

About my SEO partnership

Yes, I know, SEO can be complex. However, if you estimate that SEO could create extra value for your clients, but you don’t have the time to learn it from the start, then I have a solution for you. Partnering with an SEO specialist might be a wise move for your business.

If you’re a web developer, copywriter, or digital marketer whose clients can benefit from SEO, then this is for you! You can connect with an SEO consultant like me, without putting your time and effort to actually learn SEO.

How to know if you really need an SEO partner?

You are a web developer who creates amazing sites for your clients that can benefit from content optimization and SEO

You are a copywriter with killer content, but you want to make sure that the content you write can actually rank on Google

You have a digital marketing agency, and you’d like to offer SEO services as well for your clients

What can you get from me as your SEO partner?

If you want to utilize the full potential of SEO or want to help your clients get new leads with organic traffic, I can be your SEO partner.

I can help you in numerous SEO fields, such as technical SEO, keyword research, SEO and content strategy, creating optimized content briefs, and monthly SEO reports so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

My packages are flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

That way, you can benefit from SEO without additional effort. That way, you can save the time and money you would otherwise spend on SEO courses.

Common SEO partner packages

New website package

Suggesting best site structure

Checking initial technical SEO setups

Keyword research

Creating the website copy

Starting from $500

Website redesign package

Website SEO audit

URL mapping and site structure consulting

Migration support

CMS best practice consulting

Starting at $1,000

Content & SEO strategy

Keyword research

Creating topic clusters and full SEO content strategy

Competitors’ research

Quarterly content plans

Starting at $1,200

Analytics and reporting

Google Search Console and Analytics setup

implementing tracking codes

Creating Google Data reports on clicks, impressions, and Click-Through Rates

Starting from $500

Optimized content briefs

Keyword research

Creating an optimized content outline with headings, subheadings and suggested keywords to insert in your copy

Suggesting useful subtopics in the article by analysing competitors and search intent

Starting from $150 per one content brief

The tangible benefits of working with an SEO partner

Helping your clients get found on Google by their target audience who search for their services

Creating optimized websites for your clients that will generate leads

Helping your clients get long-term and steady organic traffic and increasing the long-term value they get

Outsourcing the actual tedious and techy SEO tasks to an SEO partner and saving your time

Areas I can help you with:

Initial SEO website setups and technical SEO

On-page SEO and keyword research

SEO reporting

Local SEO

Backlinking strategy

SEO and content strategy

what can you get from me?

I can take care of your SEO leads

I can take ownership of all SEO work to add value to your clients

I can save your time

I can help you improve your SEO and site performance

I offer flexible contracts and packages

Are you ready to offer additional value to your clients with SEO? Contact me for more information here!

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