SEO Copywriting Services

Would you like to have your content prominently displayed in search engines, and delivered to your ideal target audience in the search results?

With my SEO copywriting services, you get content that’s written for humans and optimized for Google bots, so that you can get high-quality content that converts and ranks!

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is writing in a way to make your articles optimized for search engines on one side, and attractive to your target audience, on the other side. The goal of SEO copywriting is to create a high-quality article to satisfy the search intent so that your article could be placed on search engines in the visible spot. A good SEO copywriter has two goals:

  • Help your article be easily discoverable on Google,
  • To be valuable to your ideal target customer so that it can convert and generate sales.

Why does your company need optimized content?

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just invest in writing random content and hope for the best. There are millions of articles published daily, and Google can’t crawl and index them all. Therefore, very few of them will end on the first page of the search engines. To be an authority in the competitive online space, you really need to invest in content strategically with long-term thinking.

By hiring an SEO copywriter, you increase your chances to be more visible in search engines and bridge the gap between you and your ideal user persona. A skilful SEO copywriter will know what keywords to target in their copy, how to structure the article, which subtopics to cover, and how to write in a way to make your ideal client interested in your products or services.

What are the benefits of using SEO copywriting services?

Better organic visibility

Increased brand awareness

Content that converts and ranks

Connecting with your ideal clients

Establishing website authority and expertise

Helping Google understand what keywords you should rank for

When to use an SEO copywriter?

The services of an SEO copywriter can be used for literary all content on your website, and more. Here are some most prominent examples:

For blog posts

To create optimized posts that target keywords at the top of the sales funnel, and to help you connect with your ideal clients that are not yet ready to buy, but trying to get more information regarding their pain points. Blog posts are a great way to gain brand awareness among those people who don’t know about your brand yet.

For product and service pages

The goal of these commercial, bottom-of-the-funnel pages is to convert. A copywriter can help, with crafting a perfect sales pitch reflecting the pain points of your ideal user. Moreover, the sales page should also include useful information regarding the products and services, so the users would feel confident in their decision to buy.

For guest posts

If you plan to do outreach campaigns, you need to come up with great content. If you want your content to be featured in the top industry magazines and blogs, it’s needless to say that you really need an exceptional, well-researched and flawless piece of content.

For other pieces of content

Other important website pages, such as “About us”, reflect your business vision and mission in the best way. Also, a copywriter can help with social media captions, email marketing campaigns, and infographics. For all these types of content, you want to create some clicks, and attract and engage your audience.

What’s included in my SEO copywriting services?

Analysing your user persona

To determine the right tone and voice of communication

Keyword research

 I help you choose the most suitable keywords for your peace of content, depending on your business goals

Competitors’ research

I review the competitors’ content and how they structured their pages

Google search intent analysis

I check what’s the search intent of your chosen keywords so that we can offer the most comprehensive content

Creating content brief & full article

I create the content brief that will be used as a guide in writing & the whole article taking into consideration SEO practices

Optimizing the article for conversion & search engines

Adding elements to help with conversions and optimizing the article according to the best on-page SEO standards

My SEO copywriting packages

One optimized content piece that converts

No keyword research

Optimized for search engines

Optimizing for conversions

Tailored to the tone and voice of your ideal client

Google search intent analysis included

Pricing: $200

One optimized content piece + keyword research

Comprehensive keyword research

Optimized for search engines

Optimizing for conversions

Tailored to the tone and voice of your ideal client

Google search intent analysis included

Pricing: $300

Full SEO copywriting service for small websites

* up to 5 web pages

Writing converting copy for service pages and home page

Comprehensive keyword research for each page integrated into your copy

Creating copy optimized for search engines and conversions

Copy tailored to the tone and voice of your ideal client

Pricing: $1,200

My working process

What would be like to work with me? Getting your perfect and optimized copy requires a few steps:

Receiving your content requirements

Analysing your content goals

Researching your ideal audience

Competitor research and SERP analysis

Comprehensive keyword research

Creating a content outline (content brief)

Writing the content and optimizing it for conversions and search engines

Delivering you the content

Why hire me?

With more than 6 years in copywriting, I know the difference between just a regular piece of content written without a strategy on one side and a nicely crafted piece of content as the result of strategic content efforts. I have written for numerous niches, such as mental health, self-improvement, consulting, web development, creative industries, SaaS, business, finance, education, and Gaming. Learn more about me and my skills.

SEO is my specialty, and writing is my joy, so I bet you can conclude it’s a winning combination.

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Do copywriters need to know SEO?

Yes, SEO is an essential skill for any SEO copywriter, as they should know how Google search work and what it takes for an article to rank. Moreover, a good copywriter applies their SEO skills to each written content piece. As already mentioned, SEO copywriting is a combination of understanding Google algorithms and the art of writing.

What does SEO copywriting include?

With SEO copywriting, content is really king, and by combining writing and SEO skills, you can get converting and optimized content with great potential to rank in search engines. SEO copywriting is a process that usually includes a ton of research, understanding your business, industry and your target audience, crafting the right message for your ideal user persona, and optimising it for search engines so that your ideal clients can actually find it in the search engines and learn more about your company.

What is your turnaround time?

Usually, I can finish one fully optimized article within a few days up to one week. Optimized content includes keyword research, competitor and search results analysis, creating a content brief, writing content, and optimising it for search engines and conversions.

Is paying for SEO copywriters worth the money?

If you want to get the most out of your SEO strategy and content, and want to connect with potential leads on search engines, definitely! SEO copywriter takes care of your website content so that you don’t have to and helps with getting the visibility it needs. Also, conversions matter too, and a copywriter writes in a way to form a genuine connection between your content and your target audience.

What is included in the optimisation part of writing an article?

The optimization of content usually includes adding internal and external links, optimizing headings and subheadings, creating easy to read content structure, grouping subtopics under the same subheading, formatting the content, adding keywords in the text naturally, and making sure that the depth, accuracy and expertise of the content are at the highest possible level).

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