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Did you know that the first step towards optimizing your website and achieving steady traffic growth is a site audit?

With my audit service, I can help you pinpoint the main causes of your website’s low performance, traffic, and conversions.

Sonja Marinkovic, SEO Consultant and Founder of Digital Search Hero

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is an in-depth, comprehensive, and detailed overview of your website’s organic performance, covering the analysis of key SEO aspects. It involves identifying major SEO issues on your website that impact your ranking, traffic, and conversions, and providing priorities and recommendations for addressing these issues.

Usually, a full SEO audit includes on-page SEO analysis, content audit and gap analysis, technical analysis, and backlink analysis. If the SEO audit is conducted for a local business, it usually also encompasses local SEO audits, such as analysis of Google Business Profile and local ranking results.

The importance of SEO Audit Services

In today’s digital world, attracting clients to your website is a challenge. Relying only on social media or word of mouth falls short, especially for digital businesses. SEO stands out as a lasting investment, gaining popularity among business owners for its ability to consistently drive traffic.

To harness the benefits of SEO, it typically involves establishing the essential SEO foundations on the website, assessing key SEO issues, formulating action plans and priorities, and, if necessary, assisting with implementation. An SEO audit conducted by a professional can help in accomplishing all these objectives.

Signs You Need an SEO Audit

A clear example of a website that requires an SEO audit includes one or more of the following cases:

If you’ve never implemented SEO for your website.

If you don’t receive organic traffic or generate new leads.

If the received traffic fails to convert.

If your website doesn’t rank for service-based keywords.

If you have numerous technical glitches on your website that you’re unsure how to resolve.

If your competitors are outperforming you on Google.

What is Included in My SEO Audit?

  • Technical SEO Audit – Does Google face difficulty viewing and indexing articles? Are there 404 pages? Is the site slow? Is the user experience satisfactory? Does the site have a well-structured and secure, mobile-friendly design?
  • On-Page SEO Audit – Analysis of all crucial on-page content elements and recommendations for optimizing content to improve search engine rankings. This analysis also includes evaluating existing rankings and the extent to which the website’s pages satisfy user intent.
  • Backlinks Audit – Does the site have backlinks, and what is their quality? Do they contribute to the site’s authority and add value, or are they spammy? How can the backlink portfolio be improved, and what opportunities exist for obtaining new backlinks?
  • Content Audit & Gap Analysis – What strategies do competitors employ, and how can your site apply them to rank better? Which content and keywords should be targeted, and what content needs to be removed?

*There is also an option for the partial audit.

The Benefits of an SEO Audit for Your Business

The benefits of undergoing an SEO audit for your business encompass:

Increased visibility and recognition of your brand on Google.

A comprehensive strategy for organic growth tailored specifically for your business.

Improved user experience on the site to keep visitors satisfied.

New potential clients who land on your website are already interested in what you offer.

Increased sales, conversion, and revenue.

My Full SEO Audit Checklist

My comprehensive SEO audit services enable you to fully reap the benefits of SEO, including the analysis of all major aspects of SEO:

Technical SEO Audit

Initial technical SEO setup

Design, UX and navigation checks

Structured markup checks

Internal links and web architecture checks

Common technical errors checks

Site health checks

Page speed and Core Web Vitals checks

Complete Technical SEO Audit is also available as a separate service.

On-Page SEO Audit

Analyzing Meta Titles and Descriptions

Analyzing headings, subheadings, and content structure

Analyzing existing keywords and rankings

Proposing new commercial keywords

Assisting in defining new content strategies and topic clusters

Optimizing existing pages to satisfy search intent

Providing advice on increasing E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)

Backlinks Audit

Analyzing the existing backlinks profile

Analyzing the quality and type of backlinks

Analyzing top pages with the most backlinks

Checking competitors’ backlinks

Proposing new opportunities for backlinks

Content Audit & Content Gap Analysis

Traffic and keyword gap analysis

Analyzing top-performing pages and keywords

Analyzing their SEO strategy and the entire website

Providing recommendations on what to incorporate to outrank competitors

My Workflow

Contact me about the site audit: Reach out to discuss your site audit needs.

Process Discussion and Agreement: I’ll inform you about the process, and we’ll agree on the deadline and pricing.

Commencement of the Audit: I begin working on the audit and keep you informed about the deadline.

Presentation Delivery: Receive a presentation detailing clear steps to correct your SEO mistakes.

One-Hour Consultation: We have a one-hour consultation to go through the presentation together.

Two Weeks of Support: Following the consultation, you have my support for the next two weeks.

Additional Implementation Option: I offer an option to implement the suggested changes on the site, but please note that this service is not included in the initial price of the audit and is billed separately.

My SEO Audit Packages


  • Analysis of your current traffic, top-performing pages, and rankings
  • On-page optimization analysis and keyword analysis for all pages
  • Page speed analysis, identifying broken links, and other technical errors
  • Analysis of your content, identifying current ranking keywords and recommending additional keywords

INVESTMENT: starting from $700


  • All items included in the Light SEO audit
  • In-depth technical analysis
  • In depth-content analysis
  • Internal linking and site structure analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitors analysis

INVESTMENT: starting from $1,200


Maja Iskustva 1024x1024 1

Sonja is very professional not only in terms of SEO but also in terms of WordPress, site structure, google analytics, and all other SEO tools. She created a very useful audit presentation that included not only the current results of my site but also concrete suggestions for improvements that were very understandable and realistic. I recommend Sonja to anyone who needs concrete and applicable approaches in improving SEO for their website.

Maja Schreiner,

dina modified

I have been working with Sonja for some time and would highly recommend her services! Sonja is great to work with, she is timely and very respectful. She has helped me with so many things; from SEO, keyword research, to web design and content creation. Sonja makes great suggestions, she is very creative and pays great attention to detail.

– Dina Owen,

If you want assistance in growing your business on Google and believe that SEO audits are the perfect way to achieve that, sign up here.

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Sonja Marinkovic, SEO Consultant and Founder of Digital Search Hero

With over 6 years of professional SEO experience, SEO audits are among her favorite SEO activities. There’s no better way to understand a site and its SEO challenges thoroughly.


How Long Does It Take to Complete an SEO Audit?

A common SEO response is “It depends.” The timeframe varies based on the site’s size, project urgency, and the number of detected SEO issues. Typically, I aim to deliver the SEO audit in an easy-to-digest format within 2 to 3 weeks. I make every effort to provide the complete audit within 2 weeks, recognizing the value of time.

What Are Some Common SEO Issues Uncovered by the SEO Audit?

Frequent issues include technical aspects like page speed, sitemap problems, crawling and indexing issues, thin content, low conversion rates, low rankings on priority pages, and an underutilized blog section for top-of-the-funnel search terms. These issues can result in missed opportunities to attract and convert your target audience into leads.

Which Tools Do You Utilize?

I utilize a comprehensive set of industry tools, including SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, various Chrome extensions, Page Speed Insights, and more. My approach involves compiling data from multiple sources to ensure a thorough analysis, rather than relying on a single data source.

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