Monthly SEO Packages

Navigating the world of SEO can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding a reliable SEO partner. Now you can collaborate with me, your independent SEO consultant who offers customized monthly SEO packages that align with your business goals and budget. Together, we’ll craft a custom SEO strategy that drives relevant organic traffic to your website. Discover how my expertise can boost your online visibility.

Sonja Marinkovic, SEO Consultant

What Are Monthly SEO Packages?

Monthly SEO packages (or in other words, SEO retainers) are service agreements where SEO tasks and project scopes are predetermined, and the budget is established in advance. These packages typically renew on a monthly basis and include the specified tasks along with a monthly progress report.

Consistent work on your site can result in steady growth in visibility. Additionally, having a dedicated professional continuously working on your site allows them to become familiar with its nuances, identifying and addressing weak spots that may require extra SEO attention.

Viewing SEO as a long-term investment is crucial. While quick wins are rare, consistent dedication, research, testing of new approaches, and optimization are essential for success. This is where Digital Search Hero comes in. I provide tailored ongoing SEO services that you can select based on your business needs. Investing in monthly SEO packages can be a strategic decision for the long-term success of your business.

Benefits of Monthly SEO Services for Your Business

Increased brand visibility and trust

Increased website authority for a specific niche or topic

Cost-effective marketing

Steady organic growth due to a long-term relationship with an SEO expert

A better user experience on the website

What is Included in Monthly SEO Services?

With Digital Search Hero, you have the flexibility to hand over specific SEO tasks or entrust me with the entire monthly SEO workload. At the end of each month, you’ll receive a detailed SEO report in Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio), summarizing the actions taken and the achieved results. My monthly SEO packages include:

On-page optimization

Keyword research and new content creation

SEO strategy and prioritizing

Technical SEO checks

Competitors gap analysis

Local SEO boost

Monthly SEO reporting

Building topical authority and E-E-A-T

Analysing traffic drops and recovering sites after algorithm updates

My Custom Monthly SEO Packages

Silver Package

An initial audit

SEO monthly strategy and prioritization

Keyword research and content strategy

On-page optimization

Images optimization

One new blog post written

Internal link optimization

Resolving small technical issues (broken links, sitemap and robots.txt issues, Google Search Console errors)

Creating monthly SEO reports

Value: $1,000

Gold Package

An initial audit

SEO monthly strategy and prioritization

Keyword research and content strategy

On-page optimization

Images optimization

One new blog post written

Internal link optimization

Resolving small technical issues (broken links, sitemap and robots.txt issues, Google Search Console errors)

Creating monthly SEO reports


In-depth technical checks (resolving potential crawling and indexing issues), page speed optimization suggestions, adding suitable schema markups, one website crawling per month)

Value: $1,400

Local SEO Boost Package

An initial audit

SEO monthly strategy and prioritization

Local keyword research and content strategy

On-page optimization

Images optimization

One new blog post for the local audience

Internal link optimization

Resolving small technical issues (broken links, sitemap and robots.txt issues, Google Search Console errors)

Google Business Profile management and optimization

Checking local ranking signals

Creating monthly SEO reports

Value: $1,200

When to Consider Monthly SEO Services?

If you’re considering a medium to long-term SEO investment and understand that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, monthly SEO services could be ideal for your company. Wondering if ongoing SEO services are the right fit for you?

  • You’re open to outsourcing all or some SEO tasks regularly
  • You’re ready to collaborate with an SEO expert, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • You’re prepared to invest in ongoing organic growth, increased visibility, and better brand awareness
  • You want to minimize website errors and ensure a positive user experience
  • You aim to track monthly SEO results from an external provider and compare them to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why Choose Digital Search Hero?

Timely and professional communication

Monthly reporting with detailed results

Strategic approach and SEO prioritizing

Continuous testing and implementing best practices

Increasing topical and niche authority

Effective and customized strategy for your industry

How I Work

How do I analyse your company from an SEO perspective? Usually, I begin with a comprehensive SEO audit, to gain an overview of:

  • Technical website issues, 
  • Content and on-page SEO factors,
  • Competitors and search landscape, 
  • Current traffic and keyword rankings,
  • Website topical authority,
  • External authority signals such as backlinks and citations.
  • E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Thrustworthiness) factors
  • Assessing if your content matches the requirements for Helpful Content requested by Google.

After gathering insights, I outline key SEO strategies and activities. I then implement and continuously refine them to boost your website’s presence on Google. This involves combining content and on-page SEO, enhancing your website’s E-E-A-T, creating effective keyword and content strategy for increasing the topical authority, and making ongoing technical SEO adjustments to help Google interpret your content correctly.


Maja Iskustva 1024x1024 1

Sonja is very professional not only in terms of SEO but also in terms of WordPress, site structure, google analytics, and all other SEO tools. She created a very useful audit presentation that included not only the current results of my site but also concrete suggestions for improvements that were very understandable and realistic. I recommend Sonja to anyone who needs concrete and applicable approaches in improving SEO for their website.

Maja Schreiner,

dina modified

I have been working with Sonja for some time and would highly recommend her services! Sonja is great to work with, she is timely and very respectful. She has helped me with so many things; from SEO, keyword research, to web design and content creation. Sonja makes great suggestions, she is very creative and pays great attention to detail.

– Dina Owen,

About Digital Search Hero

Sonja Marinkovic compressed

Sonja Marinkovic is an SEO freelancer based in Europe and founder of Digital Search Hero, specializing for high-value businesses with custom solutions. Sonja has more than 6 years of SEO experience. She has led the SEO strategy for dozens of service-based businesses all around the world on a retainer basis, providing great organic results.

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How to Choose the Right SEO Package for You?

Selecting the appropriate SEO package involves several phases:

  • Determine your monthly SEO budget.
  • Decide which SEO tasks you want to outsource and clarify your desired outcomes.
  • Research available options from various sources to find the most suitable SEO packages and reliable SEO partners.
  • Consider your target audience—local or nationwide. If local, prioritize a package with a focus on local SEO.
  • Choose wisely between SEO agencies or independent professionals – chose the one that speaks to you, and showcases decent skills, portfolio and experience.

Dispelling Common Myths About Monthly SEO Packages

The SEO industry is filled with myths, and some of them are unfortunately still very active. In some cases, clients might have great expectations, as there are some service providers who make bold promises. The result is that it’s sometimes common to think that SEO is a quick hack that can generate overnight success, a hack that only a few can get right. However, it’s not the case, and here are some popular SEO myths regarding the monthly services:

Promising instant ranking

SEO is a long-term investment, not a quick overnight win, so, it’s impossible to make an overnight success. In the millions of websites currently available in the Google search, Googlebot needs some time to crawl the changes on the site, and working on a website authority is a long-term activity.

Cheap SEO packages are the best

Cheap SEO can work to some extent, and it doesn’t mean that cheap SEO consultants don’t know their job. However, do not let the price be your only decision maker.

Black hat or obsolete tactics

Google is becoming smarter in recognizing these tactics, so anyone who promises you to be able to scam Google will only scam your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Strategies Do You Use?

I use only white-hat, proven and ethical SEO strategies, based on natural authority increase through content, keywords, strategy, internal linking, website structure and resolving possible technical issues. I don’t involve spammy or shady practices, and my clients managed to rank even without aggressive backlink campaigns.

What Are the Average Costs of an SEO Package?

The cost topic of SEO packages is a wide and diverse one. While you can find low-cost SEO monthly packages starting as low as $200, I always recommend you invest in more comprehensive packages offered by reliable agencies and SEO professionals. Usually, SEO packages for small businesses can start at $500, offering some partial SEO done, such as on-page SEO, SEO copywriting, or SEO content strategy. For a more comprehensive package, the cost can go from $1000 and up. If you want to outsource all your SEO strategy, research, implementation and reporting, the prices can go above $2000 per month.

How Long Until We Reach the Top?

No one can reply to that question, as each industry is different, and there is also a different severity of competitors. Usually, for some visible results, it takes from 6 months to one year of constant SEO efforts. Also, website authority building is a steady process that takes time. However, first marginal results such as increased rankings of some keywords can appear after one month.

What Results Can I Expect from Your SEO Packages?

My main goal is to help you get more organic visibility and quality leads and conversions from Google. To do that, with these monthly packages, I continually work on increasing your website’s topic authority and suggest new attractive content topics that can connect you with your target audience in different stages of a buying journey. My work helps you that both search engines and users recognized your website as an authority in your niche, which will help you get more inquiries and leads. I come with the notion that ranking is important, but not all keywords are equal. I detect the most suitable keywords for your business and create a strategy on how to rank on the first page of Google in time.

Are Your SEO Packages Customized?

Yes, packages can be customized to match the needs of your business. For some industries, it’s enough to do quick on-page and technical website tweaks on one side, and basic SEO copywriting to make the needle move. In other, more competitive industries, it’s usually a long-term process, and the SEO package needs to be more comprehensive for better SEO results.

How Will Communication and Reporting Proceed?

The communication is ongoing, open, transparent, and as frequent as you need. At the end of the month, I send you the report, with an overview of the results and what has been done. I explain my strategies in detail and why it matters to SEO. We can communicate via emails or can organize online meetings, and I’ll be there to reply to all your concerns and questions, as I want you to know that your investment is in safe hands.

What is the Difference Between Hourly, Project-Based and Ongoing SEO Packages?

The essence of ongoing SEO packages is that the SEO services are renewed on a monthly basis unless they are discontinued at one point. It means monthly invoicing from the SEO agency side, and providing monthly SEO services that are pre-defined. Usually, there is a certain commitment from both parties in the agreement: agencies make sure to provide results and do monthly reporting and regular SEO work, while on the other side, clients need to pay their monthly invoices and provide necessary information or feedback.

On the other side, hourly SEO services are usually short-term, with services billed hourly. The workload is usually hard to define in advance, and the contract can last from a day or two, up to one year, or even more. The main difference between hourly SEO packages is that the workload isn’t previously defined, and the among of work can vary greatly. It’s a quite flexible agreement from which both parties can benefit. Freelancers have an additional source of income without much obligation, while clients get their SEO tasks done when they need it.

And finally, project-based SEO packages have defined clear time frames, the scope of work and budget. Usually, the project goal would be to solve a specific SEO issue, or to help with a specific part of SEO, like audits, technical SEO fixes, content strategy, setting up a permalink structure, adding sitemaps, GSC or GA, or keyword research. The project-based package can also be renewed, but it’s more an exception than a regular practice.