Content Audit Services

Do you think your content is great, but it’s underperforming in search engines?

Do you have difficulties in creating the optimum content strategy to increase user experience, sales, and ROI?

Let me help you with my content audit services. Increase the content relevancy and user engagement while getting rid of the underachieving content with no real value for your ideal client.

What is content audit?

Content audit is an in-depth and systematic process where you get all your website content analysed in terms of performance, user-engagement, relevancy, and optimization for search engines. Also, during the content audit process, SEO specialists assess the content value and relative importance of all major content pieces.

Usually, we try to figure out how much a specific content peace contributes to the main company goals (such as sales, conversions, brand awareness), and what it is its role in the content marketing process.

During the audit, we try to pinpoint the underperforming content, and suggest optimization strategies and techniques if content has SEO and conversion potential. However, not all underperforming content should be optimized. In a case when content is underperforming, outdated, has no value for users, and serves no business purpose, we can give recommendations to remove it, and it’s called content pruning.

How to know if you need content audit services?

Basically, you might need a content audit in the following cases:

If you never created content strategically or with SEO principles in mind

If you’d like to increase your rand awareness with great content

If your content is underperforming and doesn’t bring new leads via search traffic

If your content is outdated, and keeping some pages couldn’t be justified from business point of view

If you want to get recommendation for future content

To understand the real cause of poor content performance and get recommendation how to fix it

The benefits of content audit

Bigger ROI, conversions & leads

Investing in relevant and targeted organic traffic contributes to business goals, such as sales, signups and other types of conversions.

Resolving critical content issues

Content audit helps you pinpoint the exact causes of low content performance and provides useful insights regarding improvements.

Identifying best content opportunities for growth

Maybe there are some unused but highly commercial keywords related to your business that you’re not using? Content audits provide you with the useful insights.

Increasing brand visibility

Through organic traffic, you connect with users in the different stages of a buying journey, and increase brand awareness, even with those users that are not ready to buy at this very moment. 

Evaluating content quality and relevance

Content audit can detect if your content is thin, diluted, unhelpful and not relevant to your ideal audience. This issue can also be resolved, and the content can be optimized or pruned.

Increasing user experience

Pleasant user experience is a precondition to sales, conversions and happy customers. With the content audit, we can map all pages with poor performance that can negatively affect user experience. 

Pricing and packages

Light content audit

Analysis of on page elements

Detecting underperforming pages

Generic content recommendation for service and blog pages

Defining action plan and pain points

Giving advice on content relevancy, accuracy, and quality in general

Starting from $500

Standard content audit

Analysis of on page elements

Detecting underperforming pages

Generic content recommendation for service and blog pages

Defining action plan and pain points

In addition:

Keyword and topical research for single pages and topic clusters

Detecting content gaps with competitors

Starting from $1200

Full content audit

Analysis of on page elements

Detecting underperforming pages

Generic content recommendation for service and blog pages

Defining action plan and pain points

In addition:

Keyword and topical research for single pages and topic clusters

Detecting content gaps with competitors

Creating a complete content strategy for the next 12 months

Starting from $2000

My content audit checklist

Researching your audience and creating your ideal client avatar

Crawling the site to gather a complete list of your URLs

Gathering the data regarding the organic traffic, visits, impressions, and ranking keywords on your pages

Collecting the data about user satisfaction, like bounce rate, engagements, and conversions

Content mapping— grouping all URLs on your site into groups that serve the similar business purposes, such as product or service pages, blog pages, news, etc.

In-depth content analysis—performing content gaps on underperforming pages to determine potential SEO opportunities in comparison to successful competitors

User experience analysis—using the data regarding the time spent on the site, bounce rates, page speed, mobile friendliness, content formatting to see where user experience can be improved

Checking technical errors that can hamper the site’s possibility to rank, such as indexing issues, redirects, redirect chains, canonical, and cannibalization issues

Performing keyword and topical research and giving suggestions regarding your future content strategy

Defining action points and priorities—once all the data is analysed, I create a detailed document with action points and priorities for you to implement, as well as grouping content according to the following actions: content optimization, content rewriting, content pruning.

Ongoing content & strategy support

In case you think your business might use it, I also offer my support after the audit is done and submitted. I can offer my support with:

Defining a full SEO content strategy with topic and keyword research, so you don’t run out of ideas for topics

Creating SEO content briefs to help your future content rank

Giving advice on how to increase E-A-T on your website and overall content quality

Collaborating with web developers to implement technical changes on your website if needed

Note: ongoing support is charged additionally.

Content audit timeline

Usually, it 2-3 weeks to perform a full content audit. Depending on the size of the website, this time can vary. In general, the more URLs on the website, the more time will be required to analyse all data and form conclusions and recommendations. Also, the audit timeline will vary depending on the type of website (product or service based). For e-commerce websites, we typically have more commercial pages, and each one (including category pages) should be analysed with care.

Content audit process

My content audit process looks like this:

The initial phase (getting to know your industry, business model, ideal target audience)

Dive-deep research

Delivering the data in a format that’s easy to understand to non-SEO experts

Consultation to go through the audit

Ongoing support—if needed

How content audit can help your business?

Establish you as an authority in your niche

Help you increase your reach to users in different stages of a buying journey

Improve your overall content quality and relevancy, which Google will recognize

Pursue untapped keyword and topic opportunities you were missing

Use your website content as a lead generation tool


Maja Iskustva 1024x1024 1

Sonja is very professional not only in terms of SEO but also in terms of WordPress, site structure, google analytics, and all other SEO tools. She created a very useful audit presentation that included not only the current results of my site but also concrete suggestions for improvements that were very understandable and realistic. I recommend Sonja to anyone who needs concrete and applicable approaches in improving SEO for their website.

Maja Schreiner,

dina modified

I have been working with Sonja for some time and would highly recommend her services! Sonja is great to work with, she is timely and very respectful. She has helped me with so many things; from SEO, keyword research, to web design and content creation. Sonja makes great suggestions, she is very creative and pays great attention to detail.

– Dina Owen,

Why work with me?

Sonja Marinkovic Profile pic
Sonja Marinkovic, SEO Consultant

With more than 5 years of working in SEO, content has been my bread and butter. I have helped my clients obtain top ranking positions only with content optimization and audit services. I managed to increase content quality, relevance, conversions on the site, and find new opportunities to connect my clients with their target audience on Google. Check out some of my case studies to see real examples of my work.


What is SEO content strategy?

SEO content strategy is a process of creating website content purposefully and strategically, so you increase your chances of appearing at the top search results. Usually, as a result of good SEO content strategy, your website content can become a valuable asset in your entire content marketing strategy, driving leads and sales. The essence of content strategy is planning content topics strategically, creating topic clusters and increasing the overall content quality, so that your website can be recognized as an authority in its niche.

How does the content audit differs from a regular SEO audit?

While the focus on full SEO audit is analysing all SEO aspects on your website, including, but not limiting to content, backlinks, competitors, and technical website aspects, content audit is focusing on content only.

What is content pruning?

Content pruning is the process of detecting low-performing content which should be removed from the site. Content pruning is done in cases where content can’t be optimized, updated, or reviewed to serve the business purposes. Usually, it’s old, outdated, without any search traffic, with low or no impressions, irrelevant and thin content that isn’t useful for users in any way. There is no business logic of optimizing or expanding that kind of content, so it’s best to kill it, since it’s a dead weight.

What content audit tools do I use?

I use industry standard SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog.

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