YoY Ranking and Traffic Improvements for a quantity surveyor website

The challenge

The client in a quantity surveying niche (target market: Australia) came with the challenge of poor organic performances and low rankings. Previously there has been some SEO done, but the results were barely visible.

The client didn’t have any budget for backlinks, so the effort was mainly focused on content optimization, content strategy and SEO copywriting. Since it’s a local business, the priority was to increase rankings for keywords with local search intent, so the business could reach its target audience on Google.

The starting point

Here’s the SEO data taken from SEMrush back then before I started working SEO (in October 2021):

Organic traffic / month


Number of keywords


Number of top 10 keywords


The process

Since there was no budget for backlinks, all focus was on content optimization, SEO copywriting, and content strategy. The strategy was to show Google that the website is relevant and has the proper expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness for the most important keywords in its niche. My monthly retainer was 10 hours per month, so there wasn’t room for some massive and quick changes. Therefore, I made constant small changes on a month-by-month basis.

The process consisted of a combination of SEO-related activities:

  • Content gap analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Increasing the website topical authority with relevant blog posts
  • Optimizing pages for conversions and better user experience
  • Regular on-page SEO checks of existing pages, and bits of content editing and expansion here and there
  • SEO copywriting and creating new blog and service pages
  • Revising internal linking strategy and improving it
  • Adding local business schema markup with accurate data
  • Rewriting content where needed to include local keywords and to satisfy local search intent
  • Creating local citations

The results (in October 2022)

A year after I took over the client’s SEO efforts, here are the results that can be shown in numbers (data include only Australia, as it’s the target market):

  • The organic traffic increased for 977% (from 26/month to 280/month),
  • The number of keywords that website started ranking for increased for 1,503% (from 31 to 497 ranking keywords),
  • The number of keywords on the first page increased for 3,200% (from 2 to 66 keywords),
  • The conversions increased up to 200%,
  • Service pages didn’t rank before, and now rank at the first page for some keywords (such as “construction consultant Sydney”, “building consultancy Sydney“, “construction project management consultant“, and similar) and get steady traffic and inquiries,
  • The site has featured snippets, or is included in image packs and People Also Ask section for 46 keywords,
  • Ranks as 1st on Google for 10 keywords, with total traffic of 88 visits per month from those keywords only.

Organic traffic / month


Number of keywords


Number of top 10 keywords


case study quantity surveyor website
An overview of organic traffic and keywords in October 2021 in comparison to January 2023 (Source: SEMrush). Note: name of the site cannot be disclosed.

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