Amplifying Organic Traffic and Conversions on an iGaming Site

The challenge

During my previous full-time job, I had the content and SEO ownership of numerous affiliate iGaming websites. On this website, I worked from March 2018 – March 2020. The target market is the UK, and the target audience is sports betting and casino fans in a search of promo codes.

The site didn’t have enough organic visibility and depositors. Here is the SEO data are taken from SEMRush that shows what was the state with organic traffic back then in 2018 when I started working on the website. In this competitive niche, it was hard for small websites with low authority to get top ranking positions.

The starting point

Organic traffic/month


Number of keywords the site ranked


Number of top 10 keywords


traffic before improvements
Authority Score and Organic Search Traffic in March 2018
keywords overview
Overview of traffic and top ranking keywords

The solution

The strategy was to slowly build the authority of the website with steady backlinking efforts, and with consistent on-page SEO improvement, competitors research, and identifying the content gaps.

The solutions were:

  • Optimizing the content on the regular basis to provide users with the latest data about bonuses and bonus conditions
  • deciding about new keywords and creating optimized content briefs that make an article easier to rank
  • to regularly perform content audits and content gap analysis to get new insights about content subtopics and secondary keywords
  • ordering backlinks and choosing the most suitable anchor texts that could help in ranking of the desired keywords
  • backend work and ongoing website updates, such as updating plugins, backups, and any glitches on the site
  • taking care of user experience

The results

After regular long-term work on the website, the highest traffic was in January 2020, with a total of 1.5k organic traffic in just one month. Also, the number of keywords that the website started to rank for increased and was 1.13k keywords in total. Therefore, the summary of my work can be presented like this:

  • the organic traffic increased for 13,536% (from 11 to 1.5k/month)
  • the number of keywords that website started ranking for increased for 391.3% (from 230 to 1.13k)
  • the number of depositors increased
  • the company’s earnings from this site improved
  • the number of keywords on the first page improved

Organic traffic/month


Number of keywords


organic traffic increase
Increased traffic after consistent SEO and content management work
Traffic improvement curve of the website

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